Who are we?

Galeria Liberatica is a recently founded gallery specializing in collecting Japanese Woodblock prints. 

Our mission 

To deliver high-quality and affordable art.

About the founders

The founders of Galleria Liberatica both studied at the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University, where they further acquired extensive knowledge of heritage management and art history.

Both founders have years of experience in heritage management and antique acquisition.

The Galleria Liberatica story

Woodblock printing is an ancient printing technique originating in East Asia around 2000 years ago. Japanese woodblock print is the most well-known example of woodblock printing as well as a traditional form of high art in Asia. Japanese woodblock print, conserving historical progression and social movement, is a carrier that combines artistic value and cultural heritage, not only a simple recreation of ukiyo-e.

A glance into the floating world.